Video Presentations

Mobbing – Paddy Dewan

Conference introduction – Paddy Dewan

Conference conclusion – Paddy Dewan

College communication Marg Fitzpatrick Consumer

Of mice and medical regulators David Gardner Lawyer

Harness the power of truth Elly Johnson Personal mentor

Opening remarks Senator Jonathon Duniam

Sugar sweet regulator Gary Fettke Surgeon

Competition and caring An experience with AHPRA Jane Tolman Geriatrician

Really…..Twins! Martina Görner Birth therapist

USA – Sham peer review Larry Huntoon Physician

An alternative model – creating a self-regulated healthcare industry David Dahm Accountant

Vaginal Mesh implants How did we get it so wrong Danny Vadasz CEO Health Issues Centre

Brodie’s story Rae & Damian Panlock Parents of Brodie

Uncertainty and the communication of forensic medical evidence to legal stakeholders Kristy Martire

Moral crisis in healthcare Kerrie McDonald Paediatrician

The consequence of asking a simple question Anchita Karmakar Doctor & lawyer

Systems in healthcare Anthony Morris Lawyer

Workplace relations Shaun McCarthy Human Synergistics

Work safety in healthcare – Caring for the care givers David McIvor OH&S