Health advice for the care of children


Severe Constipation

Constipation … is a word that confuses both patients and clinicians: it is a word that defines the state of the bowel function as poorly as the word asthma defines respiratory disease. Constipation can be as simple as a slightly firm stool, but can be a patient who has bowel


Hydronephrosis ... what does it mean? To an 11 yo boy it meant three operations within one month ... but two functioning kidneys and a happy family as a result of the surgery. And, notably he presented with no symptoms except for a painless abdominal lump the size of a
Bed wetting

Bed Wetting Made Easy!

A boy becoming a man can be enough of a challenge to him and his family without the additional stress of a protracted bed wetting problem; older boys tend to be most often affected. Girls are more likely to have both a day and night problem, which is a different
Foreskin care photo

Foreskin Care

Phimosis is a word that means ‘non-retractile foreskin due to a narrow end’. The term does not differentiate between normal and abnormal. Physiologic phimosis implies that the foreskin will become retractable over time. The ‘normal’ appearance is differentiated by the appearance of pouting of the end of the foreskin when the skin is