Severe Constipation

Constipation … is a word that confuses both patients and clinicians: it is a word that defines the state of the bowel function as poorly as the word asthma defines respiratory disease. Constipation can be as simple as a slightly firm stool, but can be a patient who has bowel


Hydronephrosis ... what does it mean? To an 11 yo boy it meant three operations within one month ... but two functioning kidneys and a happy family as a result of the surgery. And, notably he presented with no symptoms except for a painless abdominal lump the size of a
Bed wetting

Bed Wetting Made Easy!

A boy becoming a man can be enough of a challenge to him and his family without the additional stress of a protracted bed wetting problem; older boys tend to be most often affected. Girls are more likely to have both a day and night problem, which is a different
Foreskin care photo

Foreskin Care

For more information about foreskin, please visit the below article link which was published in Herald Sun or continue reading below. Phimosis is a word that means ‘non-retractile foreskin due to a narrow end’. The term does not differentiate between normal and abnormal. Physiologic phimosis implies that the foreskin will