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In September 1994, the East New Britain town of Rabaul, nestled on the edge of a deep harbour that is a volcano caldera, was changed forever. The vulcanologists have been monitoring the floor of the harbour, reassuring the locals that it was still safe to stay in town. Technology would

Running Through Still Water – Chapter 1

Sing Don’t Whistle Without prior knowledge of what happens to whistleblowers, a person would blow the whistle with at least three expectations. First, that the truth (or falsity) of their assertions would be fully investigated. Secondly, that any inquiry into their assertions would follow due process, which would be independent
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Outreach to Russia

Figure 1: Body parts being loaded onto a relief train after the accident in central Russia. At 13 minutes past 11, on the night of June 3rd 1989, two trains whistled passed each other in a valley in the Central Russian district of Bashkiria. By the 4th of June, all
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Running Through Still Water

Swimming against the tide gets you nowhere; you may drown. Walking upstream can result in you being washed off your feet; running through still water is a struggle but, while you feel you are getting somewhere, it can be exhausting. I not sure which of these phenomena best reflects my
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Foreskin Care

For more information about foreskin, please visit the below article link which was published in Herald Sun or continue reading below. Phimosis is a word that means ‘non-retractile foreskin due to a narrow end’. The term does not differentiate between normal and abnormal. Physiologic phimosis implies that the foreskin will