Dr Paddy, as his patients call him, is a Paediatric Urologist (a plumber) and a Paediatric General Surgeon offering CARE to children and families, and advice to adults, affected by congenital conditions, particularly those of the urinary tract and bowel. As this website develops you will be able to find medical advice for families, find how to access Paddy’s CARE, learn about his contribution to developing country pro bono surgery https://www.kindcutsforkids.net/, and explore his poetry, his art, his amateur wine making, and his passion for making healthCARE safer.

You will, also, be able to explore Dr Dewan’s background and read his research and his publications.

Paediatic Urology and Surgery conditions will be discussed in a Health Advice section of the new website. This section will include information about urinary tract infections, wetting in childhood, obstruction in the urinary tract and management of the foreskin and CARE of the constipated child, as just a few examples.

In the meantime, please contact Dr Paddy by phone or email – Phone +61 3 9364 2930 Email: paddydewan@gmail.com

Paddy Dewan Surgeon



Appointments are available, at any of the clinic locations in the Eastern and Western Suburbs of Melbourne, and Geelong (link to clinic locations), by Phoning 03 8685 8846. All consultations are Bulk Billed.

But – you will need a doctor’s referral that can be faxed to 03 9364 2130 or emailed to paddydewan@gmail.com. Sorry, but to be able to maintain a bulk-billing service, cancellations within 24 hours and non-attendances are charged a $100 fee.


Dr Paddy operates on a wide range of problems that require surgery for children that come within the specialties of General Surgery and Urology. Children are seen in the clinic for an assessment initially, and if the decision is made to undertake an operation, the details and process are fully explained. And families, are always welcome to seek the opinion of others. Operations such as hernia repair, circumcision, lumps and bumps, and surgery for undescended testicles are some of the procedures; but there are many more. Dr Dewan is also available to give a second opinion on the role of surgery in cases that may not involve himself as the surgeon.

All surgical procedures are billed at very reasonable rates. If Dr Paddy operates on your child, you will be given his mobile number, in the unlikely event you feel need to call.


Information about Kind Cuts for Kids can be found on the website www.kindcutsforkids.net and the Facebook page. Visits of medical teams, often involving Paddy Dewan, visit several countries each year, funded by donations from members of the public, companies and from money raised at the annual the Gala Dinner, to be held  Saturday 2 June 2018, at the Hawthorn Art’s Centre. Tickets will go on sale Wednesday 14 February so please book early to avoid disappointment. Ticket price is $195 per person or $1950 for a table of ten. www.trybooking.com/TMAP

For further information on the work and achievements, go to www.kindcutsforkids.net, where you can register your interest in being involved (‘membership’), or make a donation.

HEIA (Healthcare Excellence Institute Australia)

Dr Dewan is putting CARE back into healthCARE: Since his early surgical career, he has advocated for a patient centric approach to healthCARE, while insisting that the workplace be safe for those providing care; particularly safe from bullying: While working in Dunedin, in the early 1980’s he was involved in a campaign for safe hours for residents, but with a focus on what is also safe for patients.

HEIA is latest of Paddy’s innovations to improve patient healthCARE, having previously been pivotally involved in National meetings on the theme of “legal argument is bad medicine: toward a new paradigm”. Paddy has made many submissions to both National and State parliaments and organisations, largely focused on outing administrative dysfunction, the bullying in healthcare and the need for regulatory reform.

Paddy’s vision is that HEIA will gather data to scope the current problem to inform advocacy for a safer healthCARE environment.


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